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Statements from Security Solutions on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental


What Corporate Social Responsibility means to us.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is something which should be of concern to all businesses. For Security Solutions it is about managing our business in a way that enhances the positive and minimises the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities and services.

Our stakeholders are fundamental to the success of our business, achieving our vision of responsible delivery of secure solutions by highly motivated employees to provide our Clients with unbiased and commercially viable solutions.

Community focus
For Security Solutions, CSR extends well beyond just writing a donation cheque to a charitable cause. The company is dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society, seeking to build strong relationships with the local community and act as a good neighbour.

Charitable giving and volunteerism are part of the Security Solutions culture, and our employees are making a difference through local involvement and corporate activities.

Environmental focus
All businesses should act with respect and consideration for the environment. We are taking steps to minimise our impact on the environment through reduction of waste and energy consumption. We encourage all our employees to consider the effect of their actions on natural resources.

People focus
Security Solutions recognises that as a business our success depends on attracting and retaining the most talented staff in their respective fields of expertise and providing a healthy and supportive environment that promotes their personal well-being.

As a genuine people business Security Solutions seeks to:

Operate with the highest levels of professional integrity
Ensure equality and diversity of opportunity
Invest in the development and training of our people
Recognise and reward the contribution that our people make
Create a safe and healthy working environment
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Security Solutions (Northern) Ltd recognises that many of the principles of effective Health, Safety & Environmental Management are equally important to sound business management as advocated by proponents of quality and excellence in business. Consequently, it is our policy to safeguard and, where practical, enhance those aspects of the environment that are under the control of the organisation or affected by its operations. Accordingly The Company’s management is committed to:

The company undertakes to meet in full the standards imposed by environmental legislation which impact on its operations and ensure that others who share its work premises meets equally exacting standards.

Consultation & Co-operation
The company undertakes to consult with and work in conjunction with local communities, regulatory bodies and other interested parties on matters of the environment that are affected by the organisations business operations. The company seeks to be open and honourable in regard to all environmental aspects in which it is involved. It is prepared to enter into discussion with any formally constituted body that has genuine concerns about environmental issues with a view to achieving a mutually satisfactory resolution of those issues.

Continual Improvement
Working within the frame work of an Environmental Management System, which will eventually include procedures and the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets by means of an environmental auditing system, we will actively seek measured continuous improvement in environmental performance at all Security Solutions locations.
Pollution Prevention
We will seek to prevent pollution by the identification of environmental risks and setting environmental performance standards commensurate with best practice.
Energy Management
We aim to minimise the wasteful use of energy and water resources by monitoring usage setting realistic consumption targets and investigating practical and economically viable options to current heating systems.
Waste Disposal
All waste streams will be studied with the objective of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. This will include the recycling or re-using of, but not exclusively, paper, cardboard, other packaging materials and electronic/electrical equipment.
Employee Awareness
By effectively communicating this policy to all employees we seek to maintain an awareness of environmental issues amongst all levels of staff together with general educational and informational channels. Those who are employed in roles that have the potential to affect the quality of the environment will receive appropriate training on current recognised best practice.
The company will set standards for the future selection and engagement of contractors and suppliers with a view to encouraging and improving environmental performance.
Product Management
The company will ensure that environmental criteria are taken into account in the design, selection and construction of new equipment and the decommissioning of old.

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