The SSSC Stadia Count offers cost effective and accurate capacity counting for all football, rugby, athletic stadiums and exhibition centres.

The SSSC consists of four-channel counting units, located around entry turnstiles to the stadium. The units are connected using a RS-485 connection and connect to a PC which holds the software and controls. These units can also be connected using TCP/IP.

Each software package is bespoke to the stadium and includes an overview layout showing the situation of all turnstiles. Counters can be set up to activate alarms on full capacity or close to full capacity and can be re-set and added to very easily. Reference sites are available upon request.


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Applications: All types of new build or existing Stadia, including Football, Rugby, Athletic Stadiums, Conference and Exhibition Centres
Unit Dimensions: 190mm H x 130mm W x 43mm D
Inputs: Each turnstile connected to separate counter input. Each counting unit has a capacity for 4 turnstile inputs.
PC Comms: RS485 communications port (can be connected via a thin server to a TCP/IP network) Requires PC Windows software
Configuration: Alarm & Pre Alarm thresholds can be programmed
Audible Alarms: User defined sound files can be used for audible alerts
Visible Alarms: Alarming counters are shown on all real-time displays. Pop-up instruction messages and operator alarm acceptance can also be configured
Events: System events and counter status are periodically logged and time stamped
Reporting: User defined reports can be formatted, displayed and printed
Supply: 230v 1PH 50Hz Mains Supply per Counter
Load: 3 Amps per Counter
Operating Voltage: 12-24 DC 100mA – 230mA

SSSC Stadia Count