Security Solutions SSMB 9000 Manual Rising Arm Barrier

The SSMB 9000 Manual Rising Arm Barrier has been designed for applications where a power supply is not available or practical.

With a range from 3 metres up to 9 metres boom length, the length of boom is fully counterbalanced by means of weights, pivoted on heavy duty bearings for ease of operation.

The boom arm can be fully locked secure in the vertical position and horizontal position for extra security.

Application: Traffic Management to Private Car Parks, Construction Sites, Private Roads, Stadia, Industrial and Commercial Property, Retail Parks
Construction: Steel; boom arm – aluminium
Span: Up to 9 metres (8.5 metres maximum with half skirt or 6.5 metres with top & bottom skirts)
Surface Finish: A range of standard powder coated colours available. Powder coated pedestal and boom arm powder coated white with  red or yellow safety strips. (Corporate colours available)
Control Systems: Counterbalance Weights
Accessories: Top and bottom skirts, Half Skirt, Signage, Lockable Tip Support

SSMB9000 Manual Rising Arm Barrier