Security Solutions are able to incorporate a wide range of access control systems into your new or existing entrance systems. Through consultation with our experienced staff we will advise you on the most effective solution that suits your business needs.

A selection of the access control options Security Solutions offer are:

Card access

Stand alone or networked card access enables staff and frequent visitors to gain either total or limited access to various areas of your premises.

Audio intercom systems (with or without video option)

Highly effective access control, offering the ability to see and hear visitors to your premises before you grant or deny access.

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Push button controls

Ideally suited for frequent usage on manned premises and available in a variety of options.


Anti-vandal stainless steel digital keypads are suitable for a range of applications from controlling doors to heavy-duty security equipment. The digital controls are fully programmable and can be changed by authorised individuals.

Vehicle Safety Induction Loops

A cable loop produces a magnetic field which alters when a vehicle passes over it, thus activating a signal to your automatic security equipment. The standard loop geometry of these systems can be adapted for use with vans and HGVs as well as cars.

Remote Control

Battery-powered remote controls, using approved VHF radio frequencies, give an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres and are available as either small keyfob controls, handheld units or larger, industrial controls.

Photocell Control

These sensors provide additional safety to a gate or barrier when used. The exact position of the photocells depends on the design of the given gate/barrier. Generally, the sensor is fitted 1 metre above ground level to prevent accidental closure

Coin/Token operation

These revenue-generating machines feature an internal keypad to set the required amount / number of coins/tokens and an on-board counter indicates the total number that have been deposited.

CCTV Equipment

Of course, our security and access control equipment can be interfaced with new or existing CCTV systems to offer you fully integrated onsite security, surveillance and access control.

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