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SSHSTS 3000 Full Height Turnstile Achieves LPCB LPS1175 SR3 (C5) Rating.

SSHSTS 3000 Full Height Turnstile Achieves LPCB LPS1175 SR3 (C5) Rating.

The most significant terrorist threat at present comes from international terrorism with its ambitions to mount high impact attacks designed to result in mass casualties. As a result of this the current threat level from international terrorism for the UK is SUBSTANTIAL.

Advice from the British Government is “assign physical and active barriers to deny or delay the
progress of adversaries” In line with that advice Security Solutions along with
others developed and brought to market a complete range of hostile
vehicle mitigation (HVM) products tested to CPNI / PAS 68 standards.

The British government also instructed to “place effective physical security of an
asset by multi-layering different high security measures” With that in mind
Security Solutions looked to build on the success of its industry known SSTS4000 turnstile, offering a robust, tried and tested full height turnstile which will perform as a reliable, multi layering, high security, pedestrian control measure for use in high risk environments and applications.

Security Solutions wanted to approach the threat levels that pedestrians presented to national infrastructure by developing a certified Hostile Pedestrian Mitigation Turnstile (HPM). During their research Security Solutions found that HPM products in the UK are highly underdeveloped with limited products available.  

With advice from the Lost Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) Security Solutions set to work, designing and producing the SSHSTS 3000
full height turnstile. To gain the essential LPS certification the SSHSTS was subjected to a range of attacks by security professionals, lasting at least 5
minutes using a wide array of hand tools and battery powered tools.


SSHSTS 3000 Full Height Turnstile

Withstanding the attempts of forced entry, the SSHSTS 3000 achieved the LPCB product approval mark of excellence. The SSHSTS turnstile obtained  LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Rating 3.

“The advice and guidance we obtained from the LPCB was crucial to the successful design and development of the SSHSTS Turnstile”
commented Brian Wilkinson, Security Solutions, Senior Operations Manager and SSHSTS Project Leader. “LCPB certification is recognised worldwide, security products that achieve LPCB performance rating demonstrate a higher level of security, safety and quality. We are extremely pleased that the SSHSTS 3000 has achieved this accolade”

Full product specification and further information SSHSTS 3000 LPS SR3 Turnstile. Full Red Book listing can be found here.


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