Safe Gates Save Lives – DHF Gate Safety Week 2018

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Once again, national physical security specialist Security Solutions are playing an active part in the DHF Gate Safety Week, a action campaign designed to dramatically improve the safety of automated gates in the UK.

Gate Safety Week takes place from 15-21 October this year and has been set up to raise awareness of the proper installation and maintenance of powered gates and how to prevent accidents.  The message for this year’s campaign continues to be: ‘Safe Gates Save Lives’! 

Powered and automated gates are more and more frequently becoming part of the design of commercial, public and multiple occupancy buildings. Unfortunately though, the industry has faced problems with poorly installed and maintained powered gates, leading to accidents in the last few years, and sadly fatalities.

For its part in the campaign, Security Solutions will be lending weight to Gate Safety Week by sending fact sheets on gate safety to all its customers. Britain’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintainers of powered automatic gates and gate automation equipment, who make up the DHF Powered Gate Group, are also planning special events focusing on gate safety.

The DHF set up its Powered Gate Group on behalf of the UK gate automation industry with encouragement from the Health & Safety Executive following the tragic deaths of two young children in accidents involving powered gates. It has developed extensive safety guidance which is followed by all responsible automatic gate installers.

The DHF  runs a training course which covers all aspects of safe gate installation which is recognised as the most stringent gate safety training course in Europe. Security Solutions Operatives have attended the DHF Gate Safety training programme and received diplomas in Gate Safety.

For more information on gate safety or to arrange a gate safety check call the Security Solutions team on 08432909250

Remember Save Gates Save Lives!