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Parking Solutions

The Security Solutions parking system makes it possible to control a flat or multi-storey car parking area, enabling access control of vehicle flows, automatic or manual collection of payment and the supply of all necessary accounting and administrative reports.

A well designed Pay on Foot system will not only bring site security and vehicle management to your premises, but following its initial payback period it will also start to generate a revenue stream.

The Security Solutions 'Pay-on-Foot' system comprises an entry terminal for ticket issue, an exit terminal including a ticket reader, entry and exit lane barriers and a pay on foot station. The system includes an easy to read display, a user friendly interface offering payment options of coin, banknote and credit/debit card. A video monitoring link is also available if required.

The benefits for your site include accurate change counting and transaction reporting giving full accountability, an easy to use pre-configured back-office management software suite, and a direct communications link between the back office and the customer at the exit barrier.

The system makes it possible to connect several parking areas together, which are then manageable from a single remote station, thus centralising control and operational accounting.

‘Pay on foot’ offers an ideal solution for a professional approach to cost-conscious site management. The system is easy to install and use offering high performance with low running costs.

Whether you are looking at a park & ride application, a multi storey car park or simply a way of maximizing your parking area with a revenue system, a security solutions pay on foot system is your ideal solution.

Standalone Pay & Display machines, either hard wired or solar powered are also available as are a range of club car park revenue systems managed from your club reception area.

Whatever your application, Security Solutions can design a system that will provide outstanding performance for your site.  


  • Car Park Management Companies
  • Service and Facilities Companies
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Venues
  • Optional Products
  • Ticket Dispenser Column’s
  • Rapid Barriers
  • Automatic Cash/Card Desk
  • Manual Cash/Card Desk
  • Various Ticket and token styles
  • Various Payment systems
  • Central and Individual Control

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