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SSSB Bison Crash Rated Shallow Mounted Blocker 50mph

Security Solutions have a new addition to their popular crash rated product range; The mighty-" Bison Road Blocker"

The newly designed road-blocker has been developed for shallow mounted applications where modern utilities make deep excavation problematic.

Brian Wilkinson, Senior Operations Manager and Lead Engineer on the Bison Project Development team commented “The Bison is an impressive piece of kit, not only is it formidable in size and intimidating in appearance.  Like its animal counterpart the Bison Blocker is a keystone species in our crash rated range, it has been developed and designed to play a critical role in maintaining and protecting the structure of a high-quality defensive security system from hostile vehicle predators”

Patrick Ngongang, Lead Design Engineer on the Bison project development team added “Having conducted several Dynamic Finite Element Analysis on the 3D model of the product, we made sure all possible areas subjected to failure were strengthen during the multiple simulations to obtain and manufacture the finish product ready for the field test. We were very overwhelmed with the performance of the Bison blocker during the test. All the kinetic energy resulting from the 7.5tonnes N3 impact object travelling at 50mph was transferred through the Bison Blocker and directly to the ground, bringing the attacking hostile vehicle to a complete stop”.

The Bison Blocker is fully manufactured in the UK at the Security Solutions Fabrications Workshop in Bolton.  Using RSJ British steel beams as the main support of the device, the Bison is robust, strong and made to deal with any situation it is presented with.  The linking arm system has been specifically designed to protect the hydraulic drive during a crash situation. When successfully tested at a speed of 50mph the Bison blocker was fully operational following the impact, view the crash test footage here.

For full product details and to download the SSSB Bison Crash Rated Shallow Mounted Blocker 50mph product data sheet click here,  alternatively should you want a site survey conducted to see how the Bison Road Blocker could improve your current security arrangements call 0843 290 9250.


SSSB Bison Crash Rated Road Blocker

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