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Half Height Turnstiles

We offer a range of stainless steel barriers and gates for internal use, where aesthetics are important.

Sleek design ensure that first impressions will count. Ideal for use in high traffic building environments where control is a priority.

Sentry turnstile
Half height turnstiles for internal use
Constructed of 304 grade stainless steel, manually operated
Wall and floor mounted models available
Available as mechanical only unit or controlled in either direction
Free rotation on power failure or fire alarm activation
3 arm triflow arm
Premier turnstile

As Sentry plus- arm can be controlled via any access control unit which gives out a volt free contract. One set of red/green directional indicators as standard for controlled versions.
316 grade stainless steel arms
Rotogate / Rotagate SI

We also offer the Rotogate (pictured below) and Rotogate SI half height gate barriers, aesthetically pleasing control systems for internal use.

Rotogate Specification
Constructed of 304 grade stainless steel
Fully motor driven for higher throughput, near silent operation and enables automatic free passage in an emergency situation.
Features low energy consumption and a virtually maintenance free mechanism
Designed to reduce the number fo barriers and readers required for high volumes of pedestrian traffic
Red/green directional indicators
Photocell 'eye' enables automatic rotation
It boasts intelligent motion control, which adjusts to the individual users speed
Controlled by virtually any access control system
Allows for 'hands free' operation

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